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          威德杰超低溫設備(蘇州)有限公司Weidejie ultra low temperature equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

          Committed to cryogenic technology research
          and development for more than 20 years!

          The company specializes in R &amp; D and production of various series

          Liquid nitrogen generator and ultra-low temperature refrigeration equipment。

          Various types of maintenance, model and specification of liquid nitrogen machine!

          Outstanding performance

          Independent intellectual property rights

          The refrigerator adopts multi-element environmental protection refrigerants with independent intellectual property rights 。

          Classic and reliable

          The refrigeration system adopts the classic and reliable commercial compressor, and the components are easy to obtain。

          Easy operation

          The liquefier has the function of one key start and one key shutdown. When the liquid nitrogen in the liquid nitrogen tank is lower than the set liquid level, the equipment will start automatically。

          Good heat preservation effect

          The special secondary foaming technology is adopted in the cold box to achieve good insulation effect。

          Maintenance free

          Compared with the traditional Stirling and GM machines, the refrigerator needs no regular maintenance, high reliability and long service life。

          Safe and secure

          The equipment has the function of remote monitoring, but when the equipment fails or the liquid nitrogen is lower than the alarm position, the user can be alerted remotely。


          One stop service process

          About Weidejie

          About Weidejie

          Suzhou weidejie ultra low temperature refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province. It is jointly invested and established by Kunshan Jieshitong refrigeration equipment Co., Ltd., Suzhou qixinkang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Shengshi Huachuang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. the company relies on Kunshan Jieshitong's refrigeration technology for many years and Qi Xinkang's mature marketing network, It is a professional company integrating R & D, production, sales and service of ultra-low temperature equipment and laboratory instruments (ultra-low temperature system solutions).

          The company has a design team to develop cascade or automatic cascade refrigeration equipment. It is a high-tech enterprise with the largest variety and technology flow in the field of ultra-low temperature in China.

          The series of ultra-low temperature liquid nitrogen machine products produced by our company fully have independent intellectual property rights and R & D patents, reaching the domestic advanced level; The main products are three series: micro integrated (or split) liquid nitrogen machine, small integrated (or split) liquid nitrogen machine and low-power ultra-low temperature refrigerator.

          Application fields: it is used in hospitals, laboratories, scientific research institutes, medical and health care, biopharmaceutical, food addition, electronics, metal processing, electronic chemical industry and other industries. The products have won the recognition of customers with strong cost performance advantages. At the same time, we accept all kinds of ultra-low temperature products customized according to the needs of customers.

          The liquid nitrogen equipment developed by the company can also automatically add liquid nitrogen, providing customers with the solution of frequently adding liquid nitrogen to the jar manually when storing biological samples in the laboratory!

          Pursuing excellence and creating value is the life of weidejie brand,

          Customer first, honesty and credit are the tenet of weidejie business!

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